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Sex Position Of The Day – The Cowboy [Yup! he can ride too]

Sex is so much fun with two people willing to experiment and pleasure each other. As a couple, you should be willing to keep your sex life on fire by coming up with fun new moves the both of you can enjoy.

Try One of These Super Hot Sex Positions Tonight!

Better Sex, Better Orgasms, More Fun! 101 of the Best Sex Positions illustrated with free streaming videos and step by step instructions.

Variety is the key to better sex. With more than 100 hot sex positions to choose we can guarantee that if incredible, amazing sex is what you crave, you’ve found the right place. All 101 sex positions are illustrated with free videos and explicit descriptions – so no matter what your level of experience you will easily be able to master our huge range of lovemaking styles.

8 erotic things to do with your breasts during sex [Ladies Only]

Every part of your body need to be fully involved during sex if you are really interested in having a mind-blowing session between the sheets.

8 things you should never do for a lover you’ve not married

Love is sharing, caring and living for and with someone.

Most people will agree also that falling in love, finding love, is getting more and more difficult – with most people preferring to go for physical relationships of sex without emotions.

6 things that could destroy your relationship [Read More]

There are no perfect relationships, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expereince a measure of peace with your partner.

However, a lot of relationships end abruptly even when it could have been prevented, but because the couple are too immersed in their anger, they can’t find a permanent solution to their problems.

4 effective sex positions for men with small penises

Many men based their bedroom ego and confidence on their penis size.

In a case where they have small penises, or think they have small penises, they begin to underperform in the bedroom.

By default, they assume that they need a huge member to satisfy a woman.

10 costless things that’ll make her give you more love, more sex

So you think she’s not giving you enough bedroom time

If yes, you’re not alone — many men are in your shoes, not getting enough sex and wishing they could just get a little more.

7 reasons why you should give her oral sex

Oral sex is still a taboo for many men and, though they do not mind getting one, it seems like an impossible task.

As far as Wha’anda is concerned, that’s nothing but male chauvinisms that is cheating them of a world of goodies that can only be unlocked through oral sex.

‘Carnal Criss-Cross’ and 6 sex positions only pros can try

couple will feel like kindergarten kids when they see something new.

If you think you’re a master of the game, then do away with the missionary sex, and even the doggy style.

You have to go for the daring positions that are like rocket science to many to be a true master of the game

7 common foods that can help your penis’ performance

Many men have performance anxiety when it comes to bedroom affairs.

The average man wants to impress his lover — turning the bedroom time to a war that must be won.

Well, if you want to perform better as a man, these 7 foods should be in your diet: