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7 reasons why you should give her oral sex

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Oral sex is still a taboo for many men and, though they do not mind getting one, it seems like an impossible task.

As far as Wha’anda is concerned, that’s nothing but male chauvinisms that is cheating them of a world of goodies that can only be unlocked through oral sex.

Oral sex goes beyond putting another person’s genitalia in your mouth.

It includes sexually touching other sensual parts, including nipples, buttocks, ears…. with the lips, teeth or tongue.

Bottom line is that oral sex is as pleasurable as giving one, plus you get to gain a lot of bedroom bonus.

Here we go…

Giving oral can help reactivate your erection.  A number of guys have confessed that they get aroused quicker when they give oral in-between their down times. So when you ejaculate, you can go down on her and get your spanking rod back up more quickly. This is invaluable for people with weak erection/premature ejaculation issues. After a slump, the oral works like magic.

Oral sex gives you a chance to enjoy her body. Sex is more than just penetration and ejaculation. You may not realise that until you consider oral sex are foreplay and post-play in the bedroom. With your tongue, teeth and lips, you can unlock a whole lot of beauty on the woman’s body. The nipples, thighs, the vagina, the face, nose, etc all want to be pleasured. Oral sex is the key to unlocking the body, rather than just the vagina.

Oral puts you in control. If you do oral the right way, chances are that you’ll give her an orgasm or two. Now, women don’t orgasm so easily like men. Because of this, she will cherish the fact that you did all possible to give her one. This puts you in control. When you want sex, she’ll be more than willing, knowing oral may be on the menu.

Going oral on her shows that you’re not selfish. Sex is usually male-selfish in the sense that the men get gratification faster than the women. A man may ejaculate a number of times before the woman gets near an orgasm, if she ever gets one. Now, if you are willing to do oral, you’ll be able to ensure that she also gets maximum pleasure. This will put you in her good books.

You’ll enjoy listening to her moans and body movement. A woman under intense pleasure can’t help but moan and twirl and it is also pleasurable for the guy who’s watching her. There’s this satisfaction that comes with knowing that you’re the one working up her emotions that bad— causing her moans and movement.

Oral sex will surely get you both closer. Oral sex is nasty but extremely intimate. The thought of having someone’s genitals crammed in your mouth may sound silly, but of all forms of sexual relations, it is the most humbling that connects lovers. There is a physical and emotional closeness that follows when you guys give oral to each other.

What you give is what you get. Give and it shall come back to you is what the Good Book says. Well, it applies to sex too. If you are willing to give your girl oral, chances are that you’ll get oral in return. You might even be lucky and get a 69 — find out what that means.

In the end, you stand to benefit more than your lover if you go oral on her.

You’ll both like it.

One thing to note however, ensure that she takes a shower and confirm that there’s no injury around her genitalia before you try it.

Also, if there’s any strong odour down there, advise her to see a doctor.




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