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5 things every woman should do before going to bed [Beauty Routine]

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Nighttime makes the perfect time to engage in beauty routines as we’re protected from the elements making products all the more effective.
After a long day out and about, nothing beats returning home to a hot meal and a nice, warm bed. But before embarking on the also compulsory 8 hours of beauty sleep, its important that we replenish nutrients which the skin and body would have lost during the course of the day.

As a general beauty rule of thumb, beauty products tend to be more effective at night because we are indoors and protected from the elements and some of the hazards they can cause to the skin.

On that note, here are 5 things every lady should do before she goes to bed.

Remove make-up: This is not in any way optional but an absolute must. Sleeping with make-up does all kinds of damage to the skin including clogging the pores and invariably making the skin look dull and unattractive not to mention, aged. Don’t be found wanting ladies.

Cleanse, tone and moisturise: Another necessity, it’s important that the skin is thoroughly cleansed after a long day of being exposed to the elements. After this toning and moisturising should follow as this nourishes the skin, helping it recover.

Exercise: The benefits of exercise are endless. Asides keeping the body fit, exercise is also beneficial for the general well-being of the body. It needn’t be anything overtly strenuous, a couple of sit-ups or sets on the skipping rope should do the trick.

Drink plenty of water: In addition to using skin care products, it’s also important to cleanse the skin from within. Water is great for hydrating the skin as well as promoting body metabolism so its an all round great habit to drink water all through the day and again at night before sleep.

Use hand cream: It is said that you can tell the age of a lady by looking at her hands. Moreso, the hands are exposed to the elements all day so take the time to properly nourish and hydrate them every night. Your hands will look much more supple by morning.


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