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5 Reasons Many Beautiful Nigerian Ladies Are still Unmarried

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Today we bring you reasons why some beautiful Nigerian Ladies are still yet Unmarried…

Below are some of the reasons…

1. Most Eligible Men Are Not Ready To Tie The Knot:
Are you aware that a lot of men who are eligible for marriage out there are still jobless and are struggling to make ends meet? There is this firm believe that the Nigerian labor market favors the ladies more than men so that it seems like women achieve more in Nigeria without great effort than the men. This does not indicate that men are not making it either. It just means that most of the men who are old enough to get married do not have the means of doing it because they are working tirelessly to make ends meet while some of the men want to have all the money possible before getting married. But hey! This is the 21st century so if he does not have the means, you might as well do what the Bible says and be a helper. Besides, you will not just be helping him, you will be helping yourself too.

2. Several Shocking Notes Of Heartbreak From Partners:
On another note, some ladies who have gone through several heart breaks find it very difficult to ever give men another chance. They put on a very strong front once their relationship becomes a disaster, especially when they were expectant of marriage in their previous relationship which was not forthcoming. The long-held belief “Experience is the best teacher” hold true for such ladies with that type of experience, mostly after two or three experiences. Others believe that it is good to give another chance even when they end up in same way, always hoping that it will eventually workout someday. In all, ladies should know that you don’t give everybody that comes your way a chance to break your heart, you give them a chance to prove themselves instead. This way, if he does not measure up, your heart will still be intact after he you have kicked him out. You cant lose what you didn’t have right?

3. Career Pursuit (Independent Women):
Some Nigerian ladies are just so busy chasing their careers that they don’t have the time to get married. This applies especially to those who pay more attention to their careers in neglect of their personal lives. They give little or no attention to relationships. Some of these career ladies who managed to get into relationships, fail to balance their social time and professional time. Most of them pay zero attention to the feelings of their partners even when their partners complain bitterly.They always serve professional gist when on the social table. Most of them don’t even know what makes their partners happy and sad. But as they say, time waits for no man and before they know it, there’s no husband, no children and no career. Remember ladies its better late than never.

4. Dislike For Domestic Chores:
For most Nigerian ladies, the most common impediment to tieing the knot at the time of their choice is forgetting that they are Africans. African women are known for their ability to carry out domestic chores with ease and joy. This days, many Nigerian ladies have gone western and have forgotten entirely, how proud African are of their cultural heritage. No matter how successful you are, you are still an African Lady so, don’t forget to learn how to cook and do home chores. Although, gender equality is the new deal of the day, it is not enough reason to know nothing about domestic chores. Always bear in mind that Nigerian men don’t joke with good cooking! Above all, Love fades but Hunger does not.

5. Rigorous Selection Process (The Quest For A perfect Man):
Another obvious reason is that most Nigerian ladies are slaves to TV programs and movies. These ladies follow the fake life of most celebrities which they see on TV. They build their castle in the air after watching such TV programs as soap operas, movies, and reality shows. They forget the simple truth that what they see on TV is fake and unnatural and most certainly does not hold true in real life.Stupidly, they expect their partners to act and look the same way as the celebrities they see on TV. They become too choosy, trying to get the man of their taste and will never give a second thought to any kind of man who comes their way. They continue to choose and dump until they have nothing to choose from, and age is no longer on their side. The surprising thing is that most of them are literally “Oliver twists” as they want a man who look like Will Smith today, tomorrow its D’banj or Idris Elba and maybe someone who has the position and charisma of Obama the next minute.

Grow up girl! there can only be one Obama and he is already married



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